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Jenna & Russell - Wedding

"Emily is not just an exceptional photographer; what makes her stand out is her ability to capture all of the special little moments which other people often miss. Our wedding pictures encapsulate our day perfectly from start to finish.

We got married abroad and Emily was head and shoulders above the photographer provided in our package. She had researched the island thoroughly prior to us being there and knew all the best spots to capture our special day. 

During the the editing process Emily made everything very clear and had lots of really useful tools such as an app to help you organise and order albums and prints that guests could access.

The pictures are truly stunning and very heartfelt. We couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend her." 

- Jenna & Russell, Bride & Groom


Jess & Josh - Wedding

"Where do we start?! Our wedding photos are absolutely beautiful. 6 months on and I can't stop looking through them. I grew up with Emily and often posed for her various projects in our early teens so it was very, very special for her to shoot our wedding photographs. I have never been very confident in front of a camera (or at all!) but somehow Emily makes me feel at ease and takes photos in a very natural, non 'posey' or pressured way. I felt beautiful when emily was taking my wedding photos.

Emily is so talented and was amazing with everybody and added to the special atmosphere, especially on the morning of our wedding ( I was so nervous!). She was so chilled out and supportive and even remained calm when the cat came through the cat flap with a live rabbit! So many of our guests did not realise Emily was my friend and actually commented on how 'your photographer was very good', 'who was your photographer Jess? she was great' or 'how lovely and professional was your photographer'. Those are the sorts of comments you want about your wedding and the people involved.

Emily's photos tell a beautiful story of our wedding day. They are a really truthful, beautiful representation of each special moment. I don't know how she does it but it's not only us that can feel the emotion in the photos- our friends and family can tell exactly how we were feeling in each of the photos and have made comments such as 'oh look at that happiness/relief etc'. The majority of them weren't posed and most of the time I didn't even realise I was being photographed! When we were talking about her in the speeches, I couldn't see her at her table and suddenly realised she was crouched right by us taking photos of my dad speaking.

The only difficult thing was deciding on which of the hundreds of photos to go in our album! Emily did such an amazing job of putting together our album for us. Each page takes you to another part of our special day and it really feels like we're back there surrounded by our loved ones. Emily made sure everything was perfect and exactly how we wanted it before it was sent off to be printed.

Thank you Emily for being you and for capturing our wedding day in such a beautiful way. I can't wait for the next opportunity to have you take some more photos for us! We love you!"
- Jess & Josh, Bride & Groom


Tash & Jasper - Engagement & Wedding

"We absolutely loved working with Emily for our engagement and wedding photos! She makes shoots feel so relaxed and candid, and it was clear that she understood what we wanted from the start. Our photos came out better than I could have imagined - Emily captured some wedding moments that we would otherwise have missed and we will always be thankful for that. Would definitely recommend!"
- Tash, Bride


Emma & James - Wedding

"So incredibly happy with the wedding photos we received from Emily, she was wonderful on the day and not only were the traditional shots so beautiful, Emily managed to capture little moments throughout the day and create photos our family will treasure forever. Emily was such a pleasure to have with us on the day (she kept calm and made sure we got all the photos we wanted!) she was really easy to work with and made us all feel really comfortable which made everything much smoother. I cannot recommend enough booking for the full day (from getting ready) because the images she took then are gorgeous, especially Father/Mother of the bride seeing the wedding dress on for the first time and we would have missed those images otherwise! Would also recommend the hard back album if this is offered, the one we received is stunning, everyone commented how lovely a keepsake it was."
- Sophie, Bridesmaid & sister to the Groom

Zach - 10 Months

"Emily was very welcoming and made us feel very comfortable at the shoot. She has a perfect balance of being both professional and friendly!
I loved how the photos turned out as Emily managed to capture lots of different moods and styles!"
- Natalie, Zach's Mum

Emily - 8 Days

"My wife and I were sceptical of having a "baby photo shoot" but we were convinced by friends and family to do it as our newborn would only be so small for a short space of time. We were so pleased with what Emily produced for us! Our daughter (also called Emily) was captured in such a beautiful light and the photos are so precious to us! Emily came in and did the photos in our living room when the baby was just 8 days old and we often look back on them to see how much she has grown. Now she is 4 months old and so very different to how she was in the shoot. Emily was brilliant with us and our little girl and I would thoroughly recommend to any new parents to work with Emily for some extra special memories."
- Gareth, Emily's Dad

Annabel - 2 yrs

"We hired Emily to take some photos of our daughter Annabel, to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Emily is incredibly friendly, professional, and relaxed in her manner, which made a photo shoot with a tired toddler much more enjoyable than it could have been! The variety of locations and natural props resulted in some beautiful photos with which we were very pleased. Emily was very efficient in sending the images back to us, and the final images were presented very nicely and were also very reasonably priced in our experience. We wouldn't hesitate to use Emily again in the future." 

- Emma, Annabel's Mum

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